OneConfig's easy to use, multiplatform GuiScreen alternative


OneUIScreen is a convenient class that can be used for easy handling of mouse, keyboard, and rendering with NanoVG (see ).

Creating a OneUIScreen

Creating a OneUIScreen is simple - just extend the class, like so:

public class MyScreen extends OneUIScreen {
    public MyScreen() {
        super();        // constructor for your screen - you can initialize things here as well

    public void initScreen(int width, int height) {
        super.initScreen(width, height);
        // setup variables, initialize components, etc.

    public void draw(long vg, float partialTicks) {
        // draw script for the screen with a NanoVG context already prepared
        // You can also use partialTicks for animations as a deltaTime.

    public void onScreenClose() {
        // clean up, etc. when the screen closes.

Displaying Your Screen

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