Font Rendering

Rendering text using OneConfig

Drawing Text

If you would like to display some text on the screen, you can use the various drawText methods of the NanoVGHelper. A list of these can be found on the Dokka docs. These methods work exactly the same as other draw methods to keep it simple:

NanoVGHelper.INSTANCE.setupAndDraw((vg) -> {
    // draw Hi! at x=10 y=50 in white (-1), at 12px size in Inter Regular
    NanoVGHelper.INSTANCE.drawText(vg, "Hi!", 10, 50, -1, 12f, Fonts.REGULAR);
    // draw a string formatted like a URL (blue with underline) at x=10 y=50
    // which can be clicked and hovered
    NanoVGHelper.INSTANCE.drawUrl(vg, "", 10, 50, 12f, Fonts.REGULAR);
    // draw some wrapped text at x=10 y=50 in white (-1), at 12px in Inter Regular
    // which wraps onto the next line if the line is more than 100px long
    NanoVGHelper.INSTANCE.drawWrappedText(vg, "Never gonna give you up; never gonna let you down", 10, 50, 100, -1, 12f, Fonts.REGULAR);

You can even use your own font by creating a custom Font object:

// create the font object
public static final Font inter = new Font("inter", "/path/to/font/file.ttf");

public void draw(long vg, int x, int y) {
    // draw Hi! in your font you chose
    NanoVGHelper.INSTANCE.drawText(vg, "Hi!", 10, 50, -1, 12f, inter);

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