Boolean Configs

Learn all about boolean components.

Common booleans


The switch is the best way to represent a simple boolean. It's got both a single and dual column variant, and the option you'll use the most.

    name = "Toggle Switch (1x)",
    size = OptionSize.SINGLE // optional
public static boolean bob = false;        // default value

This code will create a switch like this:


A checkbox is the best way to represent less important booleans. It's got both single and dual-column variants.

    name = "Im a checkbox!",
    size = OptionSize.DUAL // optional
public static boolean something = false;        // default value

When should you use a switch or checkbox

The switch option is intended for strict ON/OFF options, such as particles. You either see particles, or you don't. In contrast, checkboxes are intended for finer, more detailed control. Maybe you enable potion particles and disable crits.

Dual Option

Out of the three simple config components, dual options are the most unusual. It's got both single and dual-column variants.

Designers note: These exist for when a simple ON/OFF component wouldn't make sense. Such as a direction, or time of day. Essentially, a boolean that wouldn't make sense with yes/no.

    name = "I can slide!", // name of the element
    left = "I'm Left",     // string to display on the left
    right = "No, right!"   // string to display on the right
public static boolean leftyrighty = false;        // default value

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