Getting Started

(aka "How the hell do I add OneConfig to my mod?")

If you're unfamiliar with Java, or Minecraft Modding, please read Modding Basics first. It's a fantastic beginner's guide.

OneConfig's Example Mod

If you're just starting out or need more advanced features like multiple versions, we highly recommend looking at our updated example mod.

Including OneConfig Yourself

If you want to avoid using our own mod template, or wish to include OneConfig in one of your new or existing mods, add this to your build.gradle(.kts)

loom {
    launchConfigs {
        client {
            // Loads OneConfig in dev env. Replace other tweak classes with this, but keep any other attributes!
            arg("--tweakClass", "cc.polyfrost.oneconfig.loader.stage0.LaunchWrapperTweaker")

repositories {
    maven { url '' }

dependencies {
    // Basic OneConfig dependencies for legacy versions. See OneConfig example mod for more info
    compileOnly('cc.polyfrost:oneconfig-1.8.9-forge:0.2.2-alpha+') // Should not be included in jar
    // include should be replaced with a configuration that includes this in the jar
    include('cc.polyfrost:oneconfig-wrapper-launchwrapper:1.0.0-beta+') // Should be included in jar

jar { // loads OneConfig at launch. Add these launch attributes but keep your old attributes!
            "ModSide": "CLIENT",
            "TweakOrder": "0",
            "ForceLoadAsMod": true,
            "TweakClass": "cc.polyfrost.oneconfig.loader.stage0.LaunchWrapperTweaker",

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