Buttons, Colors and Keybinds

Learn about the button, color and keybind elements that can be used in a config.


Common button

The button is a simple interaction that can trigger code when pressed. It's got both single and dual-column variants.

You can create your method to run when the button is pressed using the Runnable interface:

    name = "I'm a button",    // name beside the button
    text = "Click me!"        // text on the button itself
Runnable runnable = () -> {    // using a lambda to create the runnable interface.
    System.out.println("I was clicked!");
    FMLCommonHandler.instance().exitJava(69, false);


OneConfig also offers keybinds that replace Minecraft's own keybind system. Basically, it's handled and stored by OneConfig, not the game. It's got both single and dual-column variants.

This config component uses OneKeyBind to store the keybinds.

    name = "I'm a keybind!"
// using OneKeyBind to set the default key combo to Shift+S
public static OneKeyBind keyBind = new OneKeyBind(UKeyboard.KEY_LSHIFT, UKeyboard.KEY_S);

To register an action when a keybind is activated, add the following to your constructor:

public Config() {
    registerKeyBind(keyBind, () -> System.out.println("Look mom, a keybind!"));


The color option lets the user change any default color to their own, using a built-in color picker.

This config component uses OneColor to store the colors.

    name = "Background Color"
OneColor testColor = new OneColor(26, 35, 143);        // default color

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