Decorative Components

Learn about the decorations that you can add to your configs to make them prettier!


The header lets you write a title for the following options, helping you separate large mods. You might define all of your colors in a single section, titled "Colors". Or locate all of your HUD options together.

    text = "Some information that you need to look at!"
public static boolean ignored; // Useless. Java limitations with @annotation.

Custom Pages

The enum PageLocation describes the location of that page, which can either be TOP or BOTTOM.

    name = "I'm a page button!",
    location = PageLocation.TOP,
    // optional description that is also displayed on the page button
    description = "Press me to open a new page!"
public static MyPage pageToOpen = new MyPage();

Inline documentation

Info Line

Information lines can provide the user with extra context about something. Maybe warning the user of a potential issue or common problem you could encounter. It's got both single and dual-column variants. Read the designer's note to understand when this should be used.

    text = "An error occurred :(",
    type = InfoType.ERROR // Types are: INFO, WARNING, ERROR, SUCCESS
public static boolean ignored; // Useless. Java limitations with @annotation.

    text = "Just trying to say something here",
    type = InfoType.INFO
public static boolean ignored2; // Useless. Java limitations with @annotation.


When to use an info line over a description

Descriptions aren't always shown to the user, only when they hover over the text of an option. This means that if you're simply adding extra info about what something does, use that. Info lines should be for more crucial information, something you actually want them to read.

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