OneConfig's Utilities

Learn more about the various utilities OneConfig has to offer

OneConfig has many utilities to make your life as a developer easier! From Multi-threading to Profiling, OneConfig really does have it all! All these utilities can be found in cc.polyfrost.oneconfig.utils.

Here is a short summary of all the utilities available in OneConfig:

  • InputHandler - various utilities to do with mouse input, including click and hover detection, scaling, and blocking areas of the screen from being clicked.

  • IOUtils - utilities for copying and pasting strings and BufferedImages, checksums, and getting data from the internet or files

  • JsonUtils - utilities for gson parsing of Strings

  • LogScanner - features for detecting what class called a method, and blaming other files/mods for stack traces

  • Multithreading - utilities for asynchronous running of code in thread pools.

  • NetworkUtils - utilitites for getting JSON files, raw strings, and opening the browser of the client.

  • SimpleProfiler - a simple class for profiling how long code takes to execute

  • StringUtils - a collection of utilities related to sub-sequencing strings in a safe way

  • TickDelay - a simple utility for delaying execution of some code by a certain amount of ticks

  • ColorUtils - a collection of utilities for getting and setting components of a 32bit int color

  • Commands - see here

  • Notifications - see here

  • HypixelUtils - see here

Kotlin DSLs

OneConfig also uses Kotlin's meta-programming features to enable these utilities to be used in a more handy way with a much tighter syntax, such as StringUtils and ColorUtils. I'm sure you will be familiar with them if you are a Kotlin enjoyer :)

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